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Introducing the Artists in Residence...

For those who would consider themselves both serious visual artists and disciples of Jesus Christ, the contemporary
intersection of those identities has often been marked by ambiguity, confusion and disillusionment. A number of factors
influence this tension, including an overall lack of aesthetic sensitivity and wisdom in the Evangelical church, the late
development of a practical ‘theology of art’ among evangelicals, and the undiscerning adoption of the modernist,
romantic notion of the artist as solitary, extra-moral genius. For many, this tension leads to a perceived disconnection
between making serious works of art and following Jesus. Faced with the apparent schism, many talented artists view
detachment from the Body of Christ as the only avenue to serious artistic pursuits. This should not be so.

The artists in residence at Olivet Covenant Presbyterian Church comprise a small, eccumenical group of artists who
work side by side, share ideas, engage in honest criticism, and discuss current issues in the arts-, while encouraging
the creative process in a deliberate effort to connect the artistic endeavor with Christian discipleship. The artists seek
to form a mutually beneficial and sustaining community, with the goal of artistic excellence and cultural redemption, in
obedience to a common calling to follow Jesus Christ. While remaining visually, conceptually, politically and
denominationally diverse, the artists in residence are unified in "being like-minded, having the same love, being one in
spirit and in purpose. (Phillipians 2:2)"
Keith Crowley
Keith is a painter, and has been a resident artist at Olivet since
2004.  In that time, the majority of the work produced has been driven
by the relationships between land, time, and place.  The foremost
concern in this work is color.

Keith, his wife Brooke, and his son Lucas live in Northwood.
Mark Dixon
Mark is a painter. He currently teaches art and film at Lakeside School located in
Horsham, PA. He studied art at the University of Delaware and received his B.F.A.
in painting in 2001. The subjects of Mark's work have mainly consisted of common
everyday objects and portraits of his friends. He is currently exploring themes
involving youth, old age,
religion, humor and pop culture.

Mark currently resides in Glenside, PA with his wife Kelly.
Ben Volta
For the past 2 years Ben has worked in school-artist residencies with the
Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Philadelphia Arts in Education Partnership.
As an artist-educator I have specialized in exploration and conceptualizing the art
idea, and how each student may learn to incorporate his or her unique vision in
relation to the idea. The classroom becomes a stage where students create
unique multiples, which are then merged into a collective vision. The process of
clustering and/or framing a fractured group of unique individual parts is the
underlying thread passing though my work with young artists. Collective forms are
arranged, stacked, and drawn together, and then orchestrated architecturally to
build an artwork relevant within a specific context.

I am also an active member of the collective Tim Rollins and K.O.S. in New York
City. I am a graduate of The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and the
University of Pennsylvania, where I studied visual arts, art history and art theory.
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Rubens Ghenov
Rubens was born in São Paulo, Brazil and came to the US in 1989. He has a BFA
in painting from Tyler School of Art and a MFA in painting form RISD. His works
deals with story telling, fact, fiction and self made folklore. He teaches Foundation
at Tyler School of Art and resides with his wife Lynne Ghenov, son Galliano and
daughter Mia currently in South Jersey.
Spaces are granted on an invitation basis. Unfortunately, there are currently no vacancies
but inquiries and other questions can be sent to
thechurchstudios@gmail.com. Thank you!
Karla Siegel Pankratz
Karla graduated from Tyler school of art in 2004. She has worked as a muralist
with the Mural Arts Program, participated as an artist in residence at an area
middle school over a three-year span, and currently teaches several courses at
the Main Line and Darlington Art Centers. She currently lives with her husband
Nate in the Fairmount area of Philadelphia. Karla’s paintings talk about light as a
metaphor as well as address its physical implications in art practices past and
Nathan Pankratz
Nate received his MFA from the University of the Arts in 2008, and his BFA
from the Pennsylvania State University in 2004.  In 2003 he studied painting
in Rome, Italy, where he met Karla; today his wife of five years.  Nate is a
founding member of Tiger Strikes Asteroid, a Philadelphia-based artist
collective.  He is also a faculty member at the Haverford School.  Nate
currently works with paint and collage.  His work examines our art history’s
constant quest to represent the sublime.
Katy Matich
When Katy is not working on her latest zombie zine or comically examining the
human condition or experience, she usually toils away at restoring and rebinding old
family bibles and rare books.

Katy Matich is a Philadelphia printmaker, bookmaker and draftsman who is equally
passionate about visual artwork and historical conservation. Katy received her BFA
degree in drawing and painting from Minnesota State University Moorhead in 2008;
and soon after received her MFA degree from The University of the Arts in 2010 with
an emphasis in Book Arts and Printmaking. Upon graduating, she spent a 6 week
post-graduate internship with the American Philosophical Society of Philadelphia
working on a documentation and preservation project with the Oversize Rare Book
To view examples of her work visit:
William DiBello
William was born in Philadelphia and studied painting at Tyler school of Art and the
Rhode Island School of Design.  In his work, William derives inspiration from design
traditions and visual phenomena made possible by technology.  His studio practice
includes painting, drawing and digital media.
Hyunsoo Byun
Hyunsoo was born in Seoul, Korea and grew up in Philadelphia, PA. She
received her MFA in Sculpture- Video and Installation Art from the
Cranbrook Academy of Art and BFA General Fine Arts-Mixed Media and
Installation Art from the Maryland Institute, College of Art.

Her studio practice includes performance-based video, media installation,
digital compositing, and interdisciplinary arts. Through a series of creative
projects, she investigates the issues of ‘trans-culturalism’ and ‘alterity’.

Exhibitions of her works include: 'INTERFERENCE PATTERNS' at the
Armory Northwest, Pasadena, CA in conjunction with the International 'Art
in Motion' Festival of Time-based Media; ONLY SKIN DEEP: AMERICAN
SELF' National Survey at the International Center of Photography, NY, NY;
and 'A-1 NATIONAL VIDEO COMPETITION' at the Knoxville Inter-media
Arts Cooperative, Knoxville, TN. She has been invited as a visiting artist
and critic from various academic institutions and has been granted artist's
residential fellowship at the Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts,

Hyunsoo currently resides and works in Philadelphia, PA. To view her work
samples, please visit:
Bonnie Kaye Whitfield
Bonnie is a printmaker and designer. Currently, she's a lead teaching artist
for the Mural Arts Program, and a teaching artist resident for the
Philadelphia Museum of Art. She graduated with an MFA in Printmaking from
Pratt Institute in 2008 and a BFA in Art Education from The University of
Georgia in 2004. Her work varies from prints or projects based on everyday
objects or the mundane to actual screen-printed textiles and products. Since
moving from Brooklyn in 2010, she and her husband reside in Northern
Liberties. More of her work can be seen at
Anna Taylor
Anna is a painter and graphic designer. She graduated with a BA in Fine
Arts from Gordon College and was a member of the 2012 Summer Painting
Intensive at Tyler School of Art. Anna enjoys collaborative work with cross
disciplinary content and has worked on commissions for Gordon College—
she and fellow artist Garrett Ames-Ledbetter created a series of large scale
paintings dealing with the broad themes of science that are permanently
installed in the Ken Olsen Science Center—and Muhlenberg College’s
Dance Max Moving Company. Anna lives in West Philadelphia.
James Shuster
Matthew Sepielli