Linda Jaymes grew up in Union, New Jersey and attended Penn State University where she majored in
Spanish, earning a B.A. in Liberal Arts at the age of 20. At the age of 25, she found herself struggling
as a single parent on welfare with two young sons, and it was at this point that God drew her back into
the fellowship of the church. Remembering the witness of the small but vital 2nd Presbyterian Church of
Union, NJ, which had profoundly shaped her childhood, Linda became an active church member again,
this time in the Community Presbyterian Church of Edison, NJ, where she served as elder, choir member
and chair of many committees of session over a ten year period.

During those ten years she also worked as a caseworker for the Middlesex County, NJ Board of Social
Services and in the private sector as a customer service manager, an office manager and an industrial
buyer for the Venezuelan government's international purchasing agency, CVGIA.Looking back, Rev.
Jaymes realizes her call to ministry came at the age of 14, following a week at Presbyterian Camp,
Johnsonburg, NJ. But like a young Samuel without an Eli to help her discern God's voice, and doubtful
that ministry was an option for women, it took 25 years for her to fully recognize and respond to God's
compelling call.In 1991, through Presbyterians for Renewal, Linda received the Lydia Award, a seminary
scholarship for evangelical, second-career Presbyterian women.While studying at Princeton Seminary,
she sang with the Seminary Singers and Touring Choir; she served for two years as student assistant at
the Fanwood Presbyterian Church; as the first full time summer chaplain for Johnsonburg Presbyterian
Camp, and completed one unit of Clinical Pastoral Education while a chaplain at Somerset Medical
Center. She received the Master of Divinity degree from Princeton in 1994 and was ordained by the
Presbytery of Elizabeth to the Ministry of Word and Sacrament upon receiving the call to Central
Presbyterian Church in Chambersburg, PA.

Rev. Jaymes served as Associate Pastor at Central from August 1994 - January 1998, when she
became the Pastor of Olivet Covenant Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia.During this pastorate she
served for two years on the Board of the Presbyterian Coalition and since then has taken an active role
on the planning team for the Evangelical Gathering of Presbyterians in the Philadelphia area. Rev.
Jaymes interests include gardening and landscape design, home decorating, and rehab of her 1890
Victorian farmhouse in West Mt. Airy. She also enjoys singing with the choir, bird watching, ethnic foods
and keeping up with her grown children.