help resources during covid-19 (for self and others)

April 4, 2020

Prayer is essential. Prayer must also be understood in a holistic way: offering our whole selves to God (thoughts, minds, deeds, desires...etc.) Here are resources to practice compassion (to self and to others) during this pandemic...

People have been asking about resources on helping ourselves and helping others during this time. The challenge really has to do with organizing our minds around this. I have divided the resources into a few sections here:

Presbyterian Resources:

  1. ​Direct link to the presbytery's webpage on the resources:
  2. National pcusa-level: .
  3. What is PDA (Presbyterian Disaster Assistance) doing? Here is the information on this:

In Philadelphia: ​

  1. The city is asking for help:
  2. So far, resources in the most itemized way I've seen:

Additional Attention to Emotional Needs: Whille there are Presbyterian resources regarding mental and emotional needs, I would also place in the forefront is City of Philadelphia's Department of Behavioral Heath and Intellectual disAbility SErvices: and​ This time can be detrimental to those who are dealing with mental health crisis, domestic violence, substance abuse, disabilities...etc. Help now! 24/7 Hotline: 888-545-2600 (TTY: 888-436-7482)